Tenerife Arts and Culture

Tenerife sculpture

Although the holiday island of Tenerife is known predominantly for its sun, sea and beaches, it also has a history filled with an artistic and cultural side.

To discover the island’s rich past and thriving arts scene, the many museums and galleries dotted for the most part around the north of the island are the places to visit.

The locations where the main museums and art galleries are concentrated are the capital of Santa Cruz, the university town of La Laguna, La Orotava which is where the local wines are made and the northern resort of Puerto de la Cruz.

The two most notable art galleries in Santa Cruz are Le Recova Arts Centre and Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, also known locally as “Museo de Bellas Artes”.

Another gallery well worth a visit is the Photographic Gallery (Centro de Fotografia), which always showcases excellent photographs all year round.

La Recova Arts Centre – Located on Plaza de la Madera, is one of the main centres for arts and culture on the island of Tenerife and a visit is well worth it..
The exhibitions in this centre include paintings and sculptures of many local Canarian artists.
La Recova is open from Monday to Friday during normal working hours and admission is free.

Municipal Museum of Fine Arts – This museum houses many important works of art that date back as far as the 17th century. These are showcased in numerous rooms and galleries including interesting sculptures made using a wide range of mediums.
The museum contains a large collection of paintings from Spanish artists which includes the works of many local artists from all the Canary Islands.

The Municipal Museum is open Monday to Friday during normal working hours and the admission is also free.

Photographic Gallery – Home to a diverse collection of photographs, it includes contemporary digital works and popular video art. One of the highlights of the year at the gallery is the Foto Noviembre exhibition which is held annually every November.
The gallery is open from Monday to Friday; opening at 11.00 am with a break for usual siesta and stays open until 9.00 pm. Admission is completely free so it’s worth a visit if in Santa Cruz.

The following are just some other places of interest you can visit on the island to learn more about its art and culture:

The Museum of Man and Nature on Calle Fuente Morales in Santa Cruz is the perfect place to learn about the original inhabitants of the islands, the Guanche. They were cave dwellers and you can discover how they lived and the history covering their era.
It also has a great section on flora and fauna from the islands and has exhibits about geologists, naturalists and archaeologists who have visited Tenerife over the years.

Santa Cruz is also host to the Regional Military Museum and the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes which is an exhibition centre and gallery located in the restored old quarter of the capital.

The Museo Arqueologico on Calle Loma in Puerto de la Cruz has exhibits of various types of artefacts displayed from the Guanche people.

Just a short drive away is the Museo de Ceramica on Calle Leon in the wine region of La Orotava.

Staying in La Orotava, the Museo de Artesenia Theroamericana is a handicrafts museum that takes you on a journey through the ages of how crafts were developed and used in different eras.

Finally, for those interested in the volcanic history of the Canary Islands including Mount Teide on Tenerife, the Teide National Park is an excellent source of information which will give you an insight as to how the islands were formed.

If you ever visit the island of Tenerife, a visit to any of these places is essential to get an idea of the history and culture that makes it such a rich and diverse island.

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How Tenerife Has Managed To Protect Its Natural Resources


Tenerife is a unique destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Tourists visit Tenerife for the beaches, the golf courses and to enjoy the nature. This is one of the largest volcanic islands in the world and you will find more endemic species than in England and Germany. Tenerife is part of the Canaries, which is home to the four richest biodiversities on the planet. This is a perfect destination for nature and animal lovers.


Tenerife is protected because it is such a unique island. The Teide National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its volcanoes and rivers of petrified lava. This is one of the most visited areas on the island and the park welcomes more visitors than any touristic landmark in Spain. You can access the volcano by taking a cable car but the very top of the volcano is closed to visitors to prevent erosion and preserve the volcanic heights. The only way to access this area is to obtain a written permission prior to your trip.

The Institute for Renewable Energy (ITER) has done a lot to help preserve the island’s natural resources. One of the goals of this organization is to reduce the impact of touristic activities on the island. The institute was created in 1990 and has worked hard to promote renewable energy and sustainability everywhere in the Canary Islands. ITER built a village where all the villas are self-sufficient and bioclimatic. The village can be found near the coast in Granadilla and is truly a unique experience if you are interested in self-catering housing and sustainability.

There are significant efforts made to accommodate tourists and locals while recycling resources and preserving the environment everywhere on the island. Tenerife is home to several endemic species that are not found anywhere else in the world. These species include the eyeless cockroach that lives inside of lava tubes as well as the bottlenose dolphins that can be seen near the southern shores of the island. There are several conservation projects to protect species that live on the island and near its shores like the pods of pilot whales.

Birdlife is absolutely amazing. You will be able to see rare birds such as the Osprey or the Great Spotted Woodpecker. You can see as many as 200 different species between the birds that live on the island and the ones that stop in the area while they migrate between Europe and Africa.

The Atlantic Whale Foundation (AWF) has done a lot to transform the whale-watching industry in Tenerife. You will be able to get up close with the whales that live off the shores of the island thanks to the many whale-watching tours offered.


The Tenerife Island Government, Ocean Dreams Factory and PADI Project Aware have formed a partnership to create a micro-reserve in the bay of El Puertito. The area used to be heavily populated with sea urchins, which kept other forms of life away from the bay. The bay has been cleared and is now a micro-reserve for many species. You can schedule a ‘flyover’ dive to observe sealife and see the family of green turtles that live in the bay.

Tenerife is an amazing island with a unique ecosystem. These natural resources are what have made the island such a popular touristic spot and need to be preserved. A lot of has already been done to preserve wildlife and nature and more projects are coming to fruition to help protect the island. Responsible tourism is what has allowed millions to visit the island without having a negative impact on these natural resources.

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4 reasons why you should visit us


#1. Know where to go

When you are new to Canary, it is difficult to understand the places that would make you happy or fulfill your luxury goals. It is only through visiting us that would guarantee you to know the perfect places where you can go and have fun. This is because we have a collection of all the beautiful places that you can visit and have fun. We have the places plus the prices to make sure you plan yourself perfectly. Having spent a lot of time in Canary, be sure that we have all you need for your perfect stay in Canary.

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Visiting us will make you to know what to do and where. We have a collection of all the activities that you can do while here and we are prepared to ensure that you are fully educated on these things. In every activity and its place, we add the perfect means of transport, the best time you can do it and who should guide you when doing your activity. This enhances your safety at all times when in Canary.

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How to buy a home in the Canary Islands


#1. Find what you want to buy

Canary has many types of homes in various places that are for sale. Every property is different from the other and they all have various prices depending on quality, location and size. Based on the stated thresholds or determinants, you can chose which home is going to suitable for you to buy without any problem. You can ask the real estate agents of canary, go to website and magazine listing or listen to radios to have the perfect information about houses and homes that are on sale.

#2. Prepare for a pre-visit

You can only get what you want by assessing the home before buying it. Some people put false information when advertising to attract many customers. A good house needs to be practical okay to ensure that it offers the unbeatable luxury that people want. As a normal person who has no experience in the housing industry, you only see the physical surface appearance of the house. Hire architectures to examine your house and ensure that it is within the required quality line before you buy it. Some homes are so attractive but they start falling down after a short stay.


#3. Ownership and financing

Once you have checked the house and you have seen it’s within your requirements, you can choose from a myriad of financing options that would make you pay without any problem. This is done after you have consulted the professionals who are going to advice you accordingly. Once the payment option has been identified and you are willing to pay, you are given the house ownership documents which are going to make you stay legally in your house. If you pay cash at once, you will stay without any issues at all.

3 places you should go in the Canary Islands


#.1. Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

This is a Spanish Island that contains one of the best environments where one can visit and have fun. The place is known to have perfect green tropical rain forest that has all the best animal varieties. Don’t forget your camera behind when you plan to visit here because you will interact with the very rare species. Besides having this feature, it has the best world class golf fields where you can have a look and try to give some few shots if you are willing to do so.

#2. Teide.


This is a place that is suitable for all the adventurers needs that a person could be having. It has the best mountains where one can practice mountain climbing at all times. This is a place where you can witness the volcanos erupting making sure that you get practical experience of how violent volcanos could be. It has the best natural environment that makes people to love visiting this place more and more.

#3. Siam Park

Siam Park

All the animal varieties that you have been seeing on movies are here making your day to be perfect throughout. This is a Thai themed to make it more mesmerising and interesting to visit in. Siam Park is known to have the beautiful environments that provides a perfect feeling to all the visitors who happen to go there. If you are looking for a place to learn, explore and interact with nature, this is the suitable place to accomplish all your desires.

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