4 flight comparison sites you should check out

With so many flights going to several destinations, it can be confusing to get the cheapest flight to your desired location. Now you will see many flight comparison sites which gives you a good deal for your vacation or business trip. Here are the best flight comparison sites you can look at.


This website does a good job at comparing fares, both for charter airlines and the scheduled ones. There are a number of filters you can use. Using these filters you can narrow down what you are looking for. There are monthly bar charts that show on which days it is cheapest to fly. Consumers have voted Skyscanner as the cheapest possible fare in every situation.


This is also an excellent price-comparison website. The site is very simple and user friendly. Like Skyscanner, it also uses a lot of filters to make your search easier and specific. It separates the agents’ fares from airlines’ own fares. One additional feature of this site is that it will pull up fares on routes to alternative airports near the main destination. This will give you a better comparison of prices and help you make a better decision.


This site is registered in Denmark. It also includes the qualities that the Skyscanner and Kayak have. It has a new tool that rates flights out of 10 based on their duration and cost. This is particularly useful when you weight up long-haul, indirect flights.


It is a one of the best price-comparison sites. It provides flight, accommodation and even car hire bookings. It means that it can be a great one-stop shop. This is also good for long-haul trips. If you are searching for European flights, then it’s better to look into other sites as Expedia won’t show you the cheapest fare.

It can be very time consuming to visit each of the airlines’ websites to find out the best option. These flight comparison sites make it very convenient to look for the best flight in terms of cost and duration.