5 things to pack at all times when travelling

There are some items that we should carry with us all the times. These items are extremely essential, no matter whether we are inside the house or outside. Here are the five things that you must carry always.

A wallet

You need a wallet to keep your money, cards, or even your door key. Your wallet may also contain your company visiting card. You should never forget to take your wallet; else you will be stuck on the road without any money.

A flashlight

You should carry a flashlight that works with AA batteries. This is because AA batteries are readily available and you will never go out of batteries. Flashlight can be of great help when you are on the road in dark or there is a sudden power cut. Flashlights are super bright and cheap too.

A pen

A pen comes in handy for updating a to-do list. If you are ever caught up in a survival situation, then a pen will help you to leave notes for rescuers or to yourself. Pen is also handy when you quickly need to jot down a phone number or an address.

A notepad

If you are carrying a pen then it makes sense to carry something to write on. A pocket size notepad can be very handy in writing down important stuffs throughout the day.

A cell phone

You should never forget to take your cell phone. It is better to have a smartphone, that way you can have all kinds of communications with your friends and family when you are not home. You can use your cell phone to call, text, check email, browse internet, or even use it as a calculator. You can take pictures with it, record and play video, listen to music, play games and do many more things with various apps.

The things just mentioned are very useful and so you must have them with you wherever you go. They can be a life save if you are ever in a survival situation.